maestro – built to last (2002)

Posted: July 18, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


maestro – built to last
(2002, attic records)


1. Foundation/Intro – El Maestro, Michie Mee
2. Stick to Your Vision – El Maestro
3. Built to Last – El Maestro
4. Still in da Game – El Maestro,
5. Clap Ya Handz/Turn It Out (Pt. 1) – El Maestro
6. G.O.D. We Tru$T – El Maestro
7. Quintessential – In Essence, El Maestro
8. Visine – El Maestro
9. Hard Cranberry – Glenn Lewis, El Maestro
10. Holy Water – Ghetto Concept, El Maestro
11. 416/905 (T.O. Party Anthem) – El Maestro
12. Krazy – El Maestro, Carla Marshal,
13. Verbal Exodus – El Maestro
14. Clap Ya Handz/Turn It Out (Pt. 2) – El Maestro,
15. Trigonometry – El Maestro
16. We Got It Sewn – El Maestro,
17. Make the City Stand Still – Wade Bowen, , El Maestro

-fritz tha cat

  1. Nick says:

    please renew the maestro built to last link. The Link Is Broken

  2. Nick says:

    I need this album very much and this is the only place i could get it but the link is corrupted. Please Fix the link. Thanks

  3. ryansomers says:

    hopefully someone will re-up it for you…

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