v/a – honey drops (2002)

Posted: June 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


in toronto, there is an annual event called ‘honey jam,’ organized by phem phat productions, that features performances by up-n-coming female artists (mostly r&b, hip-hop, reggae, etc.). in 2002, they partnered with universal music (i was working there at the time) to release this compilation album of female artists from canada.

various artists – honey drops
(2002, phemphat/universal music)


1. intro feat. maestro, jully black
2. motion – feelin’ it
michie mee drop
3. the day after feat. michie mee – break the rulez
nelly furtado drop
4. ta-da – someday again
5. anjulie – good ol’ days
6. belinda – tell me
g-fuss of stone love drop
7. chatta – chatta’s chant
8. tasha t – win or lose
red1 of the rascalz drop
9. true – comin’ in
10. nicky lawrence – dreamer
11. londa larmond – ascension (don’t ever wonder)
solitair drop
12. tara chase feat. roam – like it like
13. eternia – sorrow song
14. queen cee feat. eklipz – rest your mind
15. tia thomas – whatever you do
16. rachael berrry – you say
butta babees drop
17. black pearl feat. manchilde – quest 4 love
18. jemeni – no more dating djs
19. mizza – stuck (in my cd)


  1. Mista D says:

    Very dope! Thanks for this!

  2. ryansomers says:

    no prob man.
    there’s a couple of really cool cuts on here…

  3. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    Gotta says thanks for this! I`m a BiG fan of femceeS so gettin` to hear some of my fellow Canadian hun-E`s kickin` them flowS is extra DoPe, truly appreciate the link!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

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