v/a – dig your roots compilation

Posted: June 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


various artists – dig your roots
(2003, dig your roots)


1. vandal – urban camper
2. first words feat. cess – down with putting raps down
3. wyzah – three angels
4. the goods – monkey motion shuffle
5. warparty – feeling reserved
6. illa brown / kutcorners – rock on ya block
7. classified – unexpected
8. dangerous goods collective – no more nice guy
9. kamau – brain storming
10. frek sho – fort rouge
11. les architektz – le diable joue un jeu
12. half life – secrets of society
13. ink operated – chant it ooh ah oh
14. josh martinez – another day
15. eye + eye – snapshots

  1. Melissa Kaestner says:

    You say above (200?) . . . it is from March 2003. At the time, all of the artists were independent, and all are Canadian. If you want more info and to hear other great artists like these, check out http://www.DigYourRoots.ca.

    Melissa, DYR

  2. ryansomers says:

    i changed the date, thanks for the info melissa.

    fritz tha cat

  3. Gin Rummy says:

    Reppin Fort Rouge WPG 204 right here lookin to download this man the link is down … I know it’s been a minute since this shit been updated but here’s hoping

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