transit – year of the taurus

Posted: June 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


this one is by request for joe…

transit is an mc from london, ontario, who is also down with the collapsyllables crew (bolts, b-side, a-flex, jon diss, etc.). this is a dope fuckin’ album. production by dj tonic.

transit – year of the taurus
(2002, fivenineteen records)


1. 7 breaths (intro)
2. industrialized (feat. ariel)
3. highdayz
4. platnium (feat. zela brown & shrink 1)
5. one (moment for us)
6. broken silence
7. sunni daze (feat. ariel)
8. blind sided
9. traditions
10. y.i.
11. mama bear
12. insomnia (stay awake)
13. part of a vision (feat. shrink 1)
14. playerz (feat. zela brown)
15. year of the taurus
16. nothing (feat. donse)
17. the musiq (feat. ariel)
18. the end (or the start)


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