ron b – call me mr. mista (2002)

Posted: June 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


ron b. is the youngest brother in the bunsie family, who are pioneers in the london rap scene. in the late 80s, the oldest brother, mike, formed a studio/label called “brotherman syndicate,” and released a few cassette compilations, featuring local hip-hop and reggae acts that he produced. (i would post these, but i currently don’t have a way to rip cassettes.) mike performed as “mic fresh,” and was seen on muchmusic and city tv’s electric circus, with second brother desi featured as a dancer, and third brother jason (aka dj capital j) on the wheels, as a young teen. mike went on to form the rock/rap group “genocide” in the mid-90s, desi got involved in the graphic arts side of things, and jason went on to produce other local acts (including my first rap group in the early 90s, “the stone groove trio”) and ultimately move on to find success in the jungle/drum&bass scene. youngest brother ron b. followed in his older brother’s footsteps, picking up the mic, and recording this demo in 2002, with his oldest brother mike on the beats.

ron b – call me mr. mista
(2000, chopshop recordings)


1. mr. mista
2. chop shop
3. hit ’em off
4. no parking (feat. j. malone & who i be)
5. boom diggi
6. o-ah-o (feat. who i be)
7. 1-800-fuck-you
8. boom remix

-fritz tha cat

  1. silks says:

    Ah, Mic Fresh. I remember when he was on Electric Circus doing “Brick House Alert”, it must have been 1989. I was so hyped because one of the local guys was on the Toronto show. In fact, I think I have that performance on a VHS tape back at my Mom’s place. Good times.

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