oddities – the scenic route (2003)

Posted: June 30, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


the oddities are a toronto-based group consisting of bookworm (mc/producer), j-starrrrrr (mc), jsn jns (mc), snidley whiplash (mc/producer), psy (mc) and whysper (graffiti). i managed them for a brief time, including when this album came out. i still love this album, but perhaps i’m a bit sentimental about it as well. not sure what these cats are doing right now, as i haven’t talked to most of them for a while. i know psy has an album coming out with moka only as “the nope,” but not sure about the rest of ’em. anyone know?

oddities – the scenic route
(2003, oddities / underworld / battleaxe)


1. oddities
2. weakdays
3. soundwaves feat. ishkan
4. vortex
5. no business
6. allways
7. pick-up rhyme
8. do your thang
9. late again
10. wicked man
11. one day feat. katt
12. revolving
13. that’s just me
14. black santa (interlude)
15. given it up feat. black santa
16. coming down feat. esthero

bonus tracks:

17. interlude
18. rapist
19. hookers & gin
20. outro

all tracks produced by bookworm (jigsaaw productions)
except “one day” produced by bounce (jigsaaw productions)
& originally produced by fortune (peoplemovers),
“pick-up rhyme” produced by bookworm & originally
produced by sny whip (wizard of odd),
and “coming down” produced by
bookworm & bounce


booking/management: fritzthacat@oddlyenough.com
executive producers: oddities, fritz tha cat, mad child


underworld inc. records
a subsidiary of battleaxe records
distributed by caroline

  1. Timbulb says:

    Isn’t on eof them Rainbow who was a Much VJ for awhile?

  2. Yes… Snidley Whiplash.

  3. moves says:

    he was also on some space show and lives in van i see him now and again.

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