v/a – the bassments of bad men: volume 2 (2003)

Posted: June 29, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


various artists – the bassments of bad men: volume 2
(2003, hand’solo records)


1. enter the bassment (the halifax takeover) – fact & the verbals
2. bury the bodies – fritz tha cat, mindbender & vangel
3. citizens are gifted – epic, ill seer & a.m.e. 109
4. teen idols – thesis
5. flash forward – toolshed
6. oblivion – conspiracy
7. the prosecution rests – the if?
8. we’re out of the napkin – the tooning spork
9. innermission – exempt specimenz
10. uh-oh – restiform bodies
11. ciggaret butt sandwitch (call home) – creature box
12. break down – spiritual juice
13. theory vs. practice – ill seer & vangel
14. twisted ankle – awristoscratch
15. wordburglar – sj the wordburglar
16. sugar cubes – choke, thesis, uncle fester & jesse dangerously
17. fearless – mindbender
18. amnesia – noah 23
19. flow war – megalynk 3
20. serves himself-service – selfhelp

while the first bassments was a strictly hal-town thing, this second edition features artists from all around canada. a bit uneven, but there are some goodies on here (especially track 2 😉

hand’solo gets mega-props for the death star cd design, too.

fritz tha cat

  1. You can still buy this CD, if interested, from Urbnet:


  2. Pmore says:

    This same CD cover design was used for DJ Ztrip & Emile – Best Friends Mix

    you should check that joint out if you get a chance. (I think it’s downloadable at http://www.djztrip.com )

    this was a cool record though, I remember listening to it when it came out. that wordburglar track is pretty bad in retrospect, but I have a soft spot for it.

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