v/a – rap essentials 2001

Posted: June 29, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


various artists – rap essentials 2001
(2001, beatfactory / isba)


1. solitair – easy to slip
2. checkmate feat. concise – these days & times
3. tara chase – the north side
4. citizen kane – graffiti knights
5. mathematik – uprise
6. frankenstain aka frankie ano feat. bishop – strange to the eye
7. dan-e-o – margerine
8. manchilde of the butta babees – understand yourself (video edit)
9. madlocks – fab-u-luss
10. bishop – kipling to kennedy
11. mood ruff feat. shadez – like to say
12. jugganot – paradise
13. ubad – somebody’s watchin’
14. garfield aka moses thievery – whatcha want
15. sav – fouronesix
16. nautilus the navigator feat. fatski – record making manual

another rap essentials compilation (i’m not sure how many there are). again, uneven, with a few gems. decide for yourself what you like.

  1. MP says:

    mathematik – uprise this song is ill!

    didn’t one of the rap essentials have a crappy version of who’s talking weight?

    Word! Dope Site!

  2. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    ^Yes indeed, I believe you can find that track on the 1st volume…

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  3. tk23 says:

    hey can u up this album again, been try to get this for a long time…

  4. Jay says:

    Can you send me a copy of this cd or something??… been tryin to find dem trax since time !!

  5. djfilthyrich says:

    would you mind re-upping this? thanks in advance

  6. moves says:

    im tryin to get at fritz to see if he can send this to me.

  7. djfilthyrich says:

    hey moves…..did Fritz ever get back to you about this album?

  8. Ryan Somers says:

    yeah, i can’t find it. sorry gang.

  9. DJ Over says:

    yo fritz,

    I have this on wax…but the track list is different…
    was this an alternative version???

    1. “Fitnredi” Rascalz DJ Kemo 4:29
    2. “Boiling Point” Concrete Mob Scam 3:17
    3. “Learn to Earn” Down to Erf Down To Erf 3:25
    4. “Naughty Dread” Kardinal Offishall Kardinal Offishall 4:24
    5. “No Lawz” Black-I DRK 4:23
    6. “Sunlight” Wio-K DJX 3:42
    7. “Who’s Talking Weight (Remix)” Red Life Swiff 3:46
    8. “Dear Hip Hop” Dan-e-o Scam 3:24
    9. “Bright Lights, Big City” Scales Empire DJ Luv, Kandu (co-producer) 4:00
    10. “Twenty One Years” Choclair Day 4:17
    11. “Structure, Foundation (What’s the Plan)” Citizen Kane Down To Erf 3:14
    12. “U.L.” Ghetto Concept Kwajo Cinqo 4:24

    • Ryan Somers says:

      Hey man, I’m not sure, as I never had it on wax, just CD.
      The track list I wrote out is what it says on the back of the CD.
      Sadly, I am living in Vancouver now, and all my records/CDs are still back in Ontario,
      so I have no way of double-checking this out for you.
      Does anyone else know?


  10. djfilthyrich says:

    @ DJ Over: the tracklisting you’re talking about is for Rapessentials Vol.1. the one in this blog post is rap essentials 2001, which is a different compilation. this should be called Rapessentials vol.3

  11. Ryan Somers says:

    oh yeah. what ^^he^^ said…

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