v/a – black sunz (2000)

Posted: June 29, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


mostly canadian, some underground shit…

various artists – black sunz compilation
(2000, visionglobe.com)


1. redline anthem remix – anonymous twist
2. reality of birth – dj moves feat. sixtoo, kotep omegatron, mindbender, knowself
3. respect retro – celph titled
4. atlantis – jugga
5. supreme being – anonymous twist
6. true mc – k-smooth, c-nice, genuine, tack fu
7. a walk through avery – celph titled
8. upstairs – moka only
9. darkened midst – anonymous twist
10. episodic melodies – the goods
11. eye – celph titled
12. introduction to the century – panic, earl-e, j-8, tack fu
13. dominate – obe one
14. induced thoughts – anonymous twist
15. quite types – paul mak
16. underground wordplay wizardry – spontaneous
17. sunday morning – celph titled
18. teenage angst – paul the apostle
19. honourable mentions – sethro
20. rocken beatz – anonymous twist
21. adjust your mental – tachichi & moves
22. the impaler – birdapres
23. swan dive – t. tack, genuyne
24. redline anthem, original version – avernus x

  1. kaohtix says:

    my question is how did celph titled get on this compilaton ???

  2. This was a compilation put together by a dude in Hamilton. He had connections with a bunch of American cats, but being from Canada he also wanted to rep for his home country. He contacted me and I put the word out there to a few people I knew and that got the Canadian side up and running. As for Celph Titled, that would have been one of his contacts…

    After this comp, the same people released a series of compilations under the name Aberfoyle Springs… Many of the same artists continued to appear. Some good tunes on all of them. A nice mix of Canadian and American hip hop.

  3. kaohtix says:

    yeah i got those aberfoyle mixs
    very dope

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