dj serious – dim sum (2000)

Posted: June 29, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


dj serious – dim sum
(2000, sound king records)


1. intro
2. serious business – brass munk & dj grouch
3. popped – d-sisive
4. unknown misery – unknown misery
5. ol’ time r&b shit
6. x-rays (rmx) – asicks
7. you know me – arcee & li’l jaz
8. critics – d-sisive
9. we recognize – clas
10. trap doors – unknown misery
11. cathy’s song
12. childhood’s end – d-sisive
13. the enlightening – nish rawks
14. coochoos – first beat

all songs (c) 2000 dj serious (p) sound king records
available on vinyl from audio research, montreal
management: kola kube entertainment
all rights reserved and all that shit

*anyone got a copy of cold tea they can lace me with?

  1. knamelis says:

    I have a copy of this somewhere. Ill upload it soon.

    Wicked site. So many classics


  2. gideon says:

    dead link 😦
    i cant find this album anywhere, to buy OR download!

  3. just uploaded it for a pal, hope this lasts a lil while.

  4. MrVanDango says:


    Try (kinda like swapshop for music geeks)… It’s where i got my copy from!

  5. GreenWeedz says:

    oh lol didnt notice some1 posted it before me =)

  6. AlienWarrior says:

    yo thanks alot saw this dude play at snowjam 2002

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