ghislain poirier – beats as politics (2003)

Posted: June 28, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


i don’t really know anything about this guy. i got a promo of this cd back when i was doing my column at vice. i had never heard of him before that. i think this is the only thing of his i’ve ever heard. some cool beats on here. a little bit of french rap. i guess he’s from montreal. more info…



ghislain poirier – beats as politics (download)
(chocolate industries, 2003)

A1 New Ideas
A2 Civil Disobedience (Version)
A3 Conflicts
A4 Gray Space (Featuring Diverse)
A5 De L’Art De La Fellation (Featuring Séba)
A6 Montréal Dans Ma Tête
B1 Civil Disobedience
B2 Courto Sur Le Phone
B3 Carquois (Featuring Séba)
B4 Rien En Grave
B5 Astheure

-fritz tha cat

  1. kate says:

    yo ryan thanks for putting this up.

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