genocide – for your mind

Posted: June 28, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


here’s one from my hometown, london, on., canada. outside of this area of the country, it is doubtful that anybody’s really heard of this project, but they made a big impact locally back in 96 when this album dropped, first independently, then later being reissued by mca/universal music. it’s on the rock/rap tip, and listening to it now, a decade later, i actually think these guys were ahead of their time. there is a video for “face the pain,” that got some decent rotation on muchmusic, but that’s about it if i remember. i’m not sure exactly what happened to these cats after this album. i do remember they had to change their name, as they found out there was already a band using the name “genocide.” shortly after, the band broke up. the guitarist, doug, went on to join bif naked’s band, and as far as i know he’s still playing with them. the dj, jason bunsie, aka dj capital j, is now pretty big on the jungle/drum ‘n bass scene (he’s also a former flatmate of mine, and was the dj for my first high school rap group, “the stone groove trio”). i still see mike bunsie kicking around in london. he’s making beats and still recording. i’m trying to get him in the studio to rock a song with me for our new album. we’ll see if that happens or not. anyway, enjoy…

GENOCIDE – For Your Mind (download)
(indie 1996, mca 1997)

Makin ‘Em Mad
Drop The Bomb
Face The Pain
Look At What They Got
Recipe For A Riot
Listen As I Laugh
Mad Remix
Ode To The Slamdancer

Genocide is:

Recorded at dB Studios, London Ont. in Jan. 96
Produced and Mixed by Dan Brodbeck and Genocide.
Engineered by Dan Brodbeck and Geoff Warder
Editing by Tim Glasgow
Mastered at The Lacquer Channel Bass on “Drop the Bomb” by DJ Danny B!
Layout by Greg and Doug McCarvell and ON-LINE
Artwork by Fritz Da Khat (yup, that’s me, they used some drawings from my sketchbook.)
Photos by ALX

fritz tha cat

  1. Ryan says:

    I saw Genocide at what I think might have been one of their first performances at the Embassy, opening for Anthony H. I was at Western and originally from a small town so it was pretty new to me. It was a lot of freestyling and improvising but at the time I had never heard anything like it. I was hooked. I bought the tape of For Your Mind (available at CHRWs website) when it came out a few months later – 1993 or 1994, and then the CD when it came out. Still pretty groundbreaking if you ask me.

    Ryan – Calgary

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