Hip Club Groove – Land of the Lost

Posted: June 27, 2007 by moves in Uncategorized

Hip Club Groove – Land of the Lost
(1996, Funtrip/Outside Music)




Sucker Salad 4:25
No Biz 3:07
Voices 1:45
Guaranteed 3:30
Pornostar 2:45
Heebie Jeebies 5:01
Joni 2:03
Vamipre Killers 4:31
Outro 1:34

all tracks produced by me(moves),except porno star produced by sixtoo,vocals by chek love shakil and m88kenzie , I HAVE NO SCANNER SO I CANT SCAN THE COVER but if yer anywhere in canada u can get it in pawn shops all over.



  1. dope… hahahaa, you beat me to it!!! i was going to put this up tomorrow!!! hahahahaha… awesome…

    dude, you got any of that renegade synapsis shit? you gotta get that up here… i remember hitting the studio with you cats a few times when marc, shar, and d were living on roxton… i think i even dropped a verse or two with you guys when you were recording that shit…

  2. pip says:

    i love that shit sucker salad

  3. Yooo, you gotta re upp this (and all the buck 65/bassment/dj critical/sebutones milita/steez man – I been looking for alot of this stuff forever only to find bad links 😦 haha)

    I need another digital copy of the Weirdo Magnet Double Cassette – tahts my shit haha. Wish they’d re-release Sebutones 50/50 (on WAX hah!)

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