low pressure records compilation

Posted: June 23, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


if there was any sort of justince in rap music, dj moves would be the most sought-after producer in the game. this albums kills.

(june 29/07: okay, i just found my cd and took a photo of the cover…)


dj moves w/ various artists – low pressure records compilation (download)
(2001, low pressure records)

1. wednesday (governot bolts)
2. theories (ink operated feat. josh martinez)
3. all hands on deck (tachichi)
4. fresh juice (buck 65 & kotep omegatron)
5. bc trees (josh martinez)
6. normal acts (moves)
7. in my life (birdapres)
8. subtled senses (kunga 219)
9. 5 headed intro (5 headed retard)
10. crap rap (5 headed retard)
11. topsoil (jon diss, bolts, b-side)
12. chicks dig moves (tachichi)
13. all the way (moves)
14. nursing home (governor bolts)
15. women loving women (josh martinez & awol one)
16. metaphor (ink operated & shawdow)
17. vanessa (moves)
18. repentance of action (contra banned)
19. dreams (bolts & birdapres)
20. back in the day (bolts)

(i stole the following bio from here.)

Moves is a Canadian rap veteran of 15 years. He helped pioneer the Halifax rap scene as a member of Hip Club Groove (Murder Records/MCA) and went on to produce tracks for tons of local Canadian rap legends (i.e Moka Only, Birdapres, Governor Bolts, Mindbender, Pipi Skid, Buck 65, The Goods, Tachichi, Josh Martinez, SixToo, Awol One and many, many others). He’s also in a platinum pop group (Len) and even was the tour deejay for a gay fiddler (Ashley McIssac). His Low Pressure Records label has released over 9 albums that he’s produced and his discography is longer than the great wall of china. over the years he’s toured all over North America and Europe and has shared the stage with Eve, Ja Rule, Naughty By Nature, Kardinal, Choclaire, and Styles Of Beyond, among others. He’s some what of a legend in this Canadian rap scene and he makes seriously dope beats.


fritz tha cat

  1. Kracka Jack says:

    Moves is gold! I got this and a few other things from him.

  2. ANY MEANS... says:

    No small letters in our name, only CAPITALS! One of my favorite tracks ever

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