moka only – 6 demo songs

Posted: June 22, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


when i was first hired at universal music as their new a&r guy in 2001, i was rocking this moka only demo at the office on an almost daily basis. i really wanted to sign dude, but for whatever reason, the company wasn’t moving on it. (they sort of had him through some production deal with the band “len” or something, but nothing ever materialized out of that…) anyway, to me, he had a few qualities that i thought made perfect sense to an a&r guy: 1. he was charismatic. 2. he was melodic. and 3. he was prolific. i figured, with those three things together, it was only a matter of time before he would come up with some, uh, and i hate to use this word, “hits.” well, one “fuel injected” later and we all know that story. anyway, this demo is dope. i was kind of hesitating to put it up here, but then i realized, this blog is still brand new, and by the time word really spreads and more people are really checking it, the download link will be dead anyway. so, if you’re one of the early birds, this worm is for you. if you’re a latecomer, good luck, because i won’t post this again…

moka only – 6 demo songs (download)

1. dawn
2. live from rio
3. fuckin’ great
4. the way the world
5. walk with me
6. city

ps. i know dj moves produced some of this, maybe all of it, but i’m not 100% sure who did what. anybody know?

fritz tha cat

  1. birdapres says:

    Moves, Sweet G, and Deceo I think. As well as some input from Moka.

  2. moves says:

    i only did , everythings fuckin great and most of these were on the live from rio 12′ that came out on 4 ways to rock. werd

  3. Chadio says:

    heres it:

    dawn – sweetg and stace prints (from ron contour)

    live from rio – sweetg and moka (from ron contour)

    fucking great -moves (from live from rio 12″)

    way the world works – factor f (from ron contour)

    walk with me – ? first time i heard this one.

    city aka nite was long – i always though Sichuan made the beats for this first album…i could be wrong… (from Nowfolk “Style Gangsters”)


  4. ryansomers says:

    yeah man, wow, i totaly forgot about that 12″… i’ll have to dig that out of the crates at some point… good looking out…

    hey people, you got any requests? what do you want to see on here?

    leave a comment and let me and bird know…


  5. kaohtix says:

    i would like to see some city planners posted

    aint much ish from them
    would be very much interested

  6. Ferg says:

    i wouldnt mind hearing about more underground stuff, maybe some of you have access to some old local shit that was never released??
    -pzz- ferg

  7. robbaanks says:

    really bummed i missed this. i’ve got it on wax but the pressing is terrible. can’t get away with bumping it anywhere other than a house party these days.

    “fuckn’ great” is one of my all time favorite’s

  8. Yeah, I don’t know what happened with that vinyl… I can guarantee that the master sounded dope as fuck but something bad happened along the way… “Everything’s Fucking Great” is exactly what it says, fucking great… Moves and Moka should have worked together a little more…

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