hdv – sex, drugs & violence

Posted: June 19, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized


hdv – sex, drugs & violence (download)
(1991, isba)

1. cocaine
2. sex, drugs & violence
3. unfinished business
4. secret
5. it wasn’t me
6. let’s go
7. pimp of the microphone
8. crazee
9. the fugitive
10. that’s all cool
11. let’s work

i’ve had a few people asking me for this, so i had to get it up here. i’m not going to write much about this cat, as i already posted about him a couple of months back here. for those unfamiliar, i will tell you, however, that this is the same dude you now know as frequent-kool-keith-collaborator “jacky jasper.” he also put out an album a few years back under the name “h-bomb” (i’ll get that vinyl ripped for you as soon as i find it in the crates). enjoy.

fritz tha cat

  1. Kracka Jack says:

    YOU ARE THE MAN!!! You are the only one that has come through so far on this. I had this track like back when it came out and then it got jacked in about 1995/1996 from a house I was at. All I know is this is getting mad spins from me.

    And that Split Personality you dropped on here as well…..man this is a blog sent from heaven. I own 2 different Split Personalities singles on wax including 2 doubles of Don’t Stop Hip Hop (remix). I just played it on a radio show like 3 days ago. I’m not sure if you know how much this means to me as a lover of classic Canadian Hip Hop.

    All I can say is you made this a good week for me. I will give this a spin on the radio this weekend and give a definite shout out to you on it.

  2. hey man, you’re welcome…

    glad you like the blog.

    both bird and i are very excited for all the goodies we’re going to be posting up here in the near future…

    anyways, you got doubles of that split personality 12″? what’s it going to take to pry one of those out of your hands? any other cancan 12″s you’re looking for? i’ve got double of a lot of 90s indie stuff…

    let me know…

    -fritz tha cat

  3. chris says:

    oh man. thank you so much. i had been searching for this for years and years. i really can’t thank you enough.

  4. HeRBaN LyRiX says:

    At first I thought my eyeS were deceivin` me…..LoL, I`ve been tryin` to hear this for-fuckin`-ever! Ya just don`t know how much I appreciate the link on the album!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  5. Kracka Jack says:

    Once again props on this! I know I already said thank you but man…this is dope.

  6. ryansomers says:

    here it is again for anyone who missed it…


  7. Stijn says:

    Hi there, i would love to grab that album but the link isn’t working…can you please repost it ?
    By the way, i have two official H-Bomb albums, if you wanna trade???

  8. ryansomers says:

    hey, i’ll re-up this in a minute.

    yeah, which h-bomb albums you got?

    let’s get ’em up here…

  9. ryansomers says:

    here it is… bam… and ya say god damn…


  10. tim says:

    fritz can you send me this shit?
    sendspace links all eventually die….rapidshare.com and megaupload stay almost forevverrrrr…..
    hit me up i totally missed this entire blog

  11. brendan says:

    please please could you re-up this album for me, cant believe i missed it back when you had it up been searching for years since someone stole MY tape of it.
    thanks for anything you can do.

  12. brendan says:

    also me and HDV went to the EPMD concert together at Varsity stadium way back with some other friends at the time he was a cool guy.

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