split personality – i don’t know

Posted: June 19, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized

split personality – i don’t know (download)

(i can’t find any photos online, but i will scan my cd cover soon…)

(june 2907 update: okay, i found it…)


1. sick of the bullshit (prelude)
2. try and stop us
3. first step
4. de boom
5. hanging out (prelude)
6. don’t stop hip hop
7. hambush
8. lyrica
9. couldn’t do it
10. stuck up girl (prelude)
11. still sick of the bullshit (prelude)
12. girls and rubbers (prelude)
13. condom
14. ragga
15. j is rolling up
16. one step
17. one step
18. hip hop in finch (prelude)
19. respect is due (prelude)
20. the vibe
21. ruff to da rugged

back in the day, i absolute LOVED the video for “don’t stop hip hop,” which was getting major rotation on muchmusic. the start-stop-start rhyme styles, the b-boying, it was dope as fuck. not sure what happened to these guys after this album, but it’s definitely worth checking out, it has some moments. not the best lyricists in the world, but they managed to create their own feel to it, which works for me, as it’s pretty fuckin’ dope.

fritz tha cat

  1. Kracka Jack says:

    I am just about to download this. Certified dope. Much props on th euplad. I never heard the entire LP yet but I own 2 different singles from this LP with different remixes. I’d be willing to rip them if you want. That is if you don’t already have them.

    As I stated under “The Pimp…” comments – this Blog is gold for a lover of classic Canadian Hip Hop. Especially from a cat like me out in the Prairies. I’m loving this. Keep up the dope ups.

  2. hey man, no probs… glad you like it… and yeah, what singles you got? we’d love it if you wanna rip ’em and get ’em up here…

    thanks cat,
    -fritz tha cat

  3. Sean says:


    Please fix this link… I’ve been looking for this album for years!!!!

  4. ryansomers says:

    here’s what i’m gonna do… i’m gonna put things up once… then, when the links die, i’m gonna hope that the people who read this and are getting music from here will take the time to re-up things in the comments box…

    i simply won’t have time to keep adding new things, plus keep re-upping the dead links…

  5. Ezra says:


    I haven’t been grabbing everything … including this … but I’ll gladly re-up the shit I have taken.

  6. Sean says:

    I understand.

    Shit would have been dope.

  7. Sean says:

    Ezra… good looks… much appreciated!!!

  8. Andyman187 says:

    Fuck I missed This. Anychance Someone Could Reup The Link? I also Have Their 2 12″s & Have Been Dying To Hear Their Album Since it came out. Please & Thank You

  9. Andyman187 says:

    I missed out on both links. Anychance someone could reup it again. I have been after this album for years and have had no luck finding it untill now. Thanks

  10. ryansomers says:

    here’s a new link for this one…




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