various artists – cold front compilation

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okay, i know i said we’d start with the elemental 12″, but i haven’t had time to dig it out of the crates yet. so, in the meantime, here’s some old-school toronto rap to get you started. i’ve got a couple hundred canadian rap CDs, and two crates of canadian wax (i always kept a seperate “canadian” section, i don’t know why…), so i’ll be putting a ton of shit up on here over the coming months… i already had this compilation posted on my own blizzog, but whatever, why not put it up here too? here we go…

this is a compilation of canadian rap artists from 1991, featuring main source (for those that don’t know, sir scratch and k-kut are canadians), maestro, dream warriors, and others. it is definitely worth checking out. “12 sided dice” is the standout track, in my opinion. i can’t find the cover online anywhere, sorry. (i’ll scan my CD cover and put it up here when i get a minute.)

(june 29/07 update: okay, i found my cd, so here’s a photo of it:)


various artists – cold front (download)
attic records, 1991

1. ciut 89.5 master plan show spot
2. maestro fresh wes – black tie affair
3. base poet – when i went to buy milk
4. sweet ebony – with this
5. dream warriors – 12 sided dice
6. ckln power move show spot
7. main source – atom
8. sonyaline – in coming into consciousness
9. ciut 89.5 master plan show spot
10. kish – jim class
11. r&r – having a good day
12. nu black nation – soul vibration
13. chry 105.5 jam factor spot
14. kgb – letters of three
15. top secret – stupid
16. fresh b – this is for the record
17. ckln 88.1 oblivion express spot

from the liner notes (i got ’em from here):

“Although rap music has existed in Toronto since the late 70’s under the influence of N.Y.C. and brought to the people via mobile sound crews like Sunshine, Maceo, City Crew and Ebony All-Star, the Toronto rap music community has had to share the beat with Funk, R&B, and Reggae almost pushing rap into an obscure underground until the mid-eighties. It wasn’t until CKLN radio DJ Ron Nelson dedicated his three hour funk/hip hop show “The Fantastic Voyage” solely to rap music and began promoting concerts that new life was breathed into a community saturated by Roxanne Roxanne answer records and Egyptian lover beats.

“From the mid to late eighties, no Canadian artist had rapped on vinyl until Ivan Berry, Rupert Gayle and Richard Rodwell (AKA Maximum 60) formed Beat Factory Productions. In 1987 Beat Factory met Scott La Rock and KRS 1 during a BDP show. The result of that meeting was the Beat Factory EP featuring Michee Mee & L.A. Luv, and Rumble & Strong, which was co-produced by BDP and released on Beat Factory Records.

“Still, many Canadian labels weren’t paying attention to the program. It wasn’t until December of 1989 that Attic Records broke things wide open when they released Symphony In Effect, the debut album from Maestro Fresh Wes. Maestro and his manager Farley Flex had a chance meeting with Stevie B during a performance on the local television dance show The Electric Circus which led to an American deal with LMR Records. The album was released in Canada on Attic and quickly proved rap’s commercial power to the industry by sailing past the platinum sales plateau and making Wes the first Canadian artist in any genre to score two Top 5 singles from a debut album — thus forever changing the way the Canadian record industry viewed rap music.

“Meanwhile, Beat Factory had relative success with the signing of Michee Mee to First Priority and the release of HDV’s debut LP, Sex, Drugs And Violence on ISBA (CBS) Canada. But, it wasn’t until Island Records released the Dream Warriors LP, And Now The Legacy Begins, that Canadian hip-hop was finally recognized world-wide.

“Finally, A&M Records became the first major label to sign a Canadian rap artist when they picked up Kish from the Full Flex Management stable. Kish’s debut Order To Chaos shows the new funky direction taken on by the Canadian hip hop nation.

“The Cold Front LP is not all that makes Toronto strong, but it’s a taste of a rap community that has been stewing for over a decade.”

–John Bronski

  1. birdapres says:

    The Base Poets, Sonyalive and KGB cuts all kill it. This is a good place for us to start.

  2. Timbulb says:

    What’s a good program for decompressing those zip files? It’s a format I’m still unfamiliar with.

  3. hey cat, i use stuffit expander to unzip those files (i’m on a mac though, so, if you’re on a pc, i really don’t know what to tell you…). i’m not too great on computers, so, i’m not really sure what to tell you… anybody got any suggestions?

  4. sarah says:

    how long does it take to download each album? (I’m at work and don’t want to get caught… lol)

  5. Famerock says:

    just downloaded it. man, this is really taking me back..what a throwdown..

  6. sipreano says:

    ah, cold front??? don’t front. wicked post (though i got the CD and my OG cassette lol…, sold my LP way back)…

    sipreano picks…

    2. maestro fresh wes – black tie affair
    3. base poet – when i went to buy milk
    5. dream warriors – 12 sided dice
    7. main source – atom
    10. kish – jim class
    14. kgb – letters of three

  7. If you’re looking for a program to unzip these files, you can download a free program called 7zip. Just do a google search for it. That’s what I use.

  8. ryansomers says:

    bird… where you at homie? hahahaha word…

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  10. swiff laroc says:

    Whaddup homey,
    Great post. I been looking for this for a minute. Do ya think you could possibly re-up.

  11. thomas says:

    I know I’m really really late here…but is there any chance for a re-up ??
    I’ve been looking for this for so long…

  12. ryansomers says:

    shit, if i can find some time i’m gonna try to re-up all of these dead links…

  13. E says:

    Can’t believe this is the first I have came across this blog..and all from looking up some info on that kid Kish.
    Great content posted up..I fiend for new Canadian stuff all the time.
    I have quite a bit in my collection. Let me know if you have a list or anything your looking for, would be dope to help out.
    Respect from Alberta.

  14. ryansomers says:

    hey man, thanks for the note, hit me with an email with anything you’d like to post up here, and we’ll get it done. i am too busy for the next couple of months to put any new stuff up myself, but would love to have other people contribute while i can’t… thanks…

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  16. ryansomers says:

    and here it is again…

    anyone else got anything they wanna put up on here?

    let me know…


    ps. bird, moves, you still want to get down?

  17. vergetibbs says:

    And it’s expired again. Lol
    Maybe change the name to something illegible and
    up it to sharebee or something?
    Thanks for the dope blog goodies, though.

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