living underwater…

Posted: June 12, 2007 by Ryan Somers in Uncategorized

there are a zillion hip-hop mp3 blogs out there…

but there is ONE that is 100% canadian content.

and this is it.

let us know what you want to hear… hdv? maestro? eq? hip club groove? dream warriors? old stuff, new stuff, commercial, underground, unreleased, demos, whatever… we’ll get it up here if it’s rap music from canada…

and we are: fritz tha cat and birdapres.

make requests…

and ps. bird came up with the name “living underwater,” which is a DOPE 12″ from elemental… it’ll be the first post… it’s going up tomorrow…

  1. sipreano says:

    ground control…

  2. sipreano says:


  3. sipreano says:

    early ghetto concept…

  4. Timbulb says:

    I’ve been trying to find HDV – Secrets. Post that shit man.

  5. Niel Scobie says:

    Kanada’s Kicking it Live – MC Powerlord
    The Bdp produced Michie Mee…

    I’ve been looking for these since their releases and I’m not certain if the first one even exists.

  6. cass says:

    Give me some Kish.

    also whitey don.

  7. ryansomers says:

    ground control – i remember that video for “another dope jam,” but i don’t have the record (did they ever HAVE a record?)… k-4rce (bird, you got that shit?)… i got some early ghetto concept i’ll get up soon… hdv, i’ll get that up soon too… mc powerlord, i’ve never heard of him… and yeah, the early michie mee stuff, we’ll get that up soon too… kish too… haahaha… man, there is so much… thanks for getting these requests in… bird, we got our work cut out for us man…

    -fritz tha cat

  8. Toronto Mike says:


    Maestro, Kish, Dream Warriors… what a great time in CanCon history.

    When the movie Coupe DeVille came out, Maestro Fresh Wes did a Louie Louie rap. I remember my friend had the 12″ and it was awesome. Does anyone remember this?

  9. birdapres says:

    There’s a Ground Control 12″, On Break North Records I believe.

    Pretty sure the MC Powerlord is real too. I’m going to put up some cool suprises this weekend.


  10. Kracka Jack says:

    Good looking out on the Ghetto Concept. I only got that on CD Single…got it when it came out. Love to see some HDV up on here. I should have my 12″ of “Pimp…” arriving shortly. U used to own it long time ago when it came out (thats how old school canadian I am, but would love to see the whole album if you have it. Maybe some Graphiti Logik, whatver happen to S.Blank from First Offense? I think that was his name.

    Any way dope site. I rep am repping Sask Hip Hop so its nice to see other parts of Canuck on here.

  11. st. louis says:

    Knowledgable Nubians from Toronto. I used to have a demo tape of theirs that was very tight. Don’t know if they ever had a release. You guys heard of them? Anyone out there know about this group? I’d appreciate some info.

  12. Carl says:

    wheres the bobby deemo at?

  13. Carl says:

    get loose crew!

  14. sipreano says:

    this is off to a good start. def a ground control 12″. got one coming my way in july (thanks TSM!!!)… need the generic sleeve w/ the sticker though…

  15. Pho says:

    what about something with Cipher?

  16. ryansomers says:

    i got the cipher stuff on cassette, still haven’t tracked down a vinyl or cd version of it. anyone?

  17. pe.sto says:

    big UPS!!!
    been looking for something like this for a long time.
    so, as we are to make requests…

    dj moves – hiss 1,
    buck65 & dose1 – northamericanadonis
    (at least halfacanadian)

  18. dj Slue says:


    Sick site. Great for my radio show to find some older cancon. I was wondering if you guys had some old Classified or Jellestone ?



  19. ryansomers says:

    hey cats, if there’s something you have that you think we should post on here, get in touch with us and let us know, and we’ll post it up for you… i know a few requests have come in for things i don’t have or can’t find… so let us know…

    ps. where is bird?

  20. Ezra says:

    This is my new favourite website ever.

    Shit like this is why the internet was invented.

  21. Sam says:

    intellect – sacred texts
    monolith – the long awaited
    saukrates – hate runs deep 12″
    the telepathics – cassette sluts

    i’ll see if i can think of more, since the posts have slowed down a little

  22. Robert says:

    terrific idea for a blog!! Canadian hiphop always have a big place in my heart.I don’t have a lot of canadian hiphop cd’s but I have a few classics so I’d love to up stuff if it was needed.

  23. ryansomers says:

    shoot me an email, let me know what stuff you’d like to up on here…. ryansomers at gmail dot com…

  24. Sean says:


    any dope mixtapes by Canadian DJ’s!!! old tape rips would be fine by me. anything pre-1997 would be helluva dope.


    and good lookin’ out on the site!!!


  25. ryansomers says:

    hey gang. i hope you’re diggin’ the shit. i guess it’s about 2 months in, and we still have TONS of stuff to put up. thanks to the cats who are starting to get in touch and share with us their stuff… good lookin’ out…

    okay, i just went through these comments today, requests, etc….

    k-4ce – who has his stuff? i don’t.
    ghetto conept – i’ll find some old 12″s eventually.
    mc powerlord – never heard of this dude.
    michie mee – i got a few things, but who has the early, early early stuff?
    kish – i don’t have it.
    whitey don – i dont have it.
    maestro – louie louie – i looked for it, i cna’t find it, i know i have it somwhere…
    cipher – i have it on tape. anyone got mp3?
    moves – hiss 1 – i dond’t have this one. move, can you up it? i have hiss 2, i can up that one…
    classified – old stuff… i might have a 12″ or two… if i find ’em, i’ ll up ’em…
    jelleestone – i don’t have any.
    intellect – never heard of it.
    monolith – long awaited – i used to have it. can’t find it.
    saukrates – hates runs deep 12″ – i’ll up it when i find it, along with father time, brick house, and his other wax…
    telephatics – never heard of it.


    fritz tha cat..

  26. Ezra says:

    Classified’s old shit (as in before “Unpredictable”) if fucking terrible … you don’t want to hear it, honestly. I think most of the other ones are pretty freely available.

    What I’m saying that if there’s one you specifically want (and can’t easily find elsewhere) I’ll up it for you, mysterious stranger.

    Where’s the prairie shit?

    I request (demand!) the posting of some releases that are from a place between Vancouver and Toronto, but not Toronto or Vancouver. Or London.

    And I mean the short way, no tricks. Not Vancouver to Toronto through Halifax. AB, SK, MB.

    Fermented Reptile, Rezofficial, CF Crew type shit.

  27. ryansomers says:

    yeah, i have one or two of classified’s really early stuff, and i was never feeling it either. i havne’t heard his more recent stuff, except the odd video, which isn’t really my kind of tea. not to dis though, he’s doing his thing.

    prairie stuff… is coming… early, early, early things, like, back from the cassette days, i don’t have, and i’m hoping somebody will up ’em for us. i do hae a lot of the p&c stuff from the late 90s/early 00s, so i’ll get that up as soon as i get around to it.

    hahhaah, i love the request (demand!) hahahahaha

    the thing is… if we want to get into the really interesting, early, regional stuff… well, that’s when we need help from people from those places… who have those early cassette releases of whatever was going on in their area at the time…


  28. Manaz says:

    Mmm, I have the Intellect-Thousand Sense and Intellect and Unik album, if you want me to send them to you or something I’m more than willing. I also have a shit load of Jeff Spec to accompany all that. Lemme know!

  29. ryansomers says:

    that would be awesome!

  30. Manaz says:

    Alright, you might want to re-up this on the other page, and stuff, it expires in 7 days since I have no fancy accounts and such.

    Intellect & Unik-Rappetite (1999)

    Intellect is one of Jeff Spec’s alias’ and Unik Natural is Rob the Viking.
    Jeff Spec on the raps and Unik on the beats.

  31. ANY MEANS... says:

    just found the site, and you killin’ it! i’m looking for an old-ass Ghetto Concept song, i think it was “blind wit the science.” also any sebutones besides 50/50 where it counts, and sixtoo “songs i hate…”

    much love in advance!

  32. ryansomers says:

    ‘blind with hte science’ is by the rascalz (vancouver); we’ll get it up for you… i got some other sebs/sixtoo stuff on cassette, but i don’t have a way to rip ’em…

  33. katatonik says:

    i’d love to get a copy of “maximum definitive – jungle man” if anyone’s got it.
    k4orce would be dope too.

  34. katatonik says:

    i’ve got the following cd’s in mp3 format and can be found on soulseek with the same screen name as here:
    cipher – 360 degrees
    graphidi logik – on a mission
    top secret – it ain’t over
    hdv – higher deeper values
    kish – order from chaos & a nation of hoods
    michie mee & la luv – jamaican funk canadian style
    split personality – i don’t know
    beat factory – rapessentials vol.1
    ragga muffin rascals – really livin’ (original – before they dropped “ragga muffin” and changed their album cover to that dope graf bomb)
    irs – welcome to planet irs
    da grassroots – passage through time (also got that mr. roam solo ep somewhere – dope shit)

    would love to find “hdv – sex & violence” (it’s got that weird hand drawn cover of hdv hanging on a cross)

    if someone can re-up the “hip club groove” shit, that’d be dope.
    thanks for bringin back the memories guys.

  35. Mike says:

    Looking for rascalz really livin with cd cover .

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